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2020 Kia Soul in San Antonio, TX

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The Modern & Moody
2020 Kia Soul


The Kia Soul Success



Since the Kia Soul's debut to the USA, it's been an unbelievable victory, effectively axing any competitors. It's currently the Kia family's staple and one of the most easily recognizable cars on the road that sometimes makes you question why you haven't bought one yet.



2020 Kia Soul



Remember the competition between OEM's to Get a dominant sub-compact SUV-car blend? It has been close to a decade back. After all this time, just the winner remained, and that's that the Kia Soul. It spanned the country as a slick, compact yet roomy and comfy budget alternative that many people discovered to be nice on the eyes. In 2020, the Kia Soul was redesigned to have exactly the exact same body design as previous iterations yet the modern appearance has made people need to check one out more than ever. It's still the number one car for Kia shops accross San Antonio, TX and the state.



2020 Kia Soul Models



There are plenty of options in this vehicle to go around for all kinds of budgets.

2020 Kia Soul EX

2020 Kia Soul GT-Line

2020 Kia Soul LX

2020 Kia Soul S

2020 Kia Soul X-Line


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